This privacy policy applies to all mobile games of Bros Games published on the Google Play Store and App Store. When you download these games to your mobile device, you are deemed to have accepted the privacy policy and terms of use contained in this text. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not install these games on your mobile device.

2.Bros Games published games do not provide access to the user's device information, location information after being downloaded to the mobile device. Users can play the games with a random name if they wish. Users who want to log in later another device can subscribe to our system by specifying their e-mail address and password. In other words, the user can play the games without being a member after downloading them to his mobile device. The information of our member users is recorded in the database hosted at This information is not shared with third parties in any way. Bros Games does not use this information even with its mailing system.

3. Bros Games undertakes to always show due diligence to publish quality and useful games, and does not guarantee that the games will meet user expectations, will be useful for all users or contain accurate information.

4. Bros Games undertakes to take the necessary precautions regarding the security of mobile games published on the Google Play Store and App Store and to fulfill its obligations under the Google Play or App Store Policies.

5.The user acknowledges that Bros Games has all kinds of copyright for all content consisting of audio, written and visual elements and software in the applications published in the Google Play Store or App Store, and the content of any game or these games copying, reproducing, republishing, disassembling, reproducing to the public, etc. undertakes not to take initiatives.

6. The user acknowledges that Bros Games can make changes to this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, and that the changes will be effective from the date of the change. Bros Games undertakes to indicate the date of the changes it has made in these conditions under the heading "Last Updated" below.

7. The User acknowledges and accepts that Bros Games can send complaints, opinions and suggestions regarding mobile games published on the Google Play Store or App Store and / or these conditions via